Fan Turned Foe

Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest
Directed by Michael Rapaport
{An exploration of the history of a New York hip-hop collective, the documentary "Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest" captures a sense of the shared bonds and joys of music-making and the difficulties of holding onto those feelings as the accumulated peeves and disagreements of years roll by.} ~
"The whole reason I made this movie was to try to answer one question," Rapaport says. "Will A Tribe Called Quest ever record new music?" He started filming this documentary in 2008, when tribe reunited for a limited amount of tours. Man I wanted to fly to Vegas to see them, that year. When I first read about Rapaport & his mission to document one of the most influential groups in the rising of hip hop culture, I was xxxstatic, Tribe finally getting some notoriety representing the real hip hop.
When the documentary was complete & the verdict came out, the most hype was not about the movie. The entire buzz surrounding the movie was more about how ATQ was not happy with the portrayal. Q-Tip was the most outspoken about it. He did not show @ any of the premiers including the Sundance Film Festival (World Premier), LA Film Festival, ect.  In fact shortly before the documentary was presented @ Sundance Q-Tip tweeted that he did not support the film. In an interview with MTV Q-Tip & part time member Jarobi White indicated they were victims of exploitation of Hollywierd & its industry. Rumors surrounding the apparent lack of support stems from footage that was obtained by Rappaport when he 1st joined ATQ on the Rock The Bells Tour. Apparently there was a conflict that broke out backstage between Q-Tip & Phife, which Rappaport filmed.  Q-Tip also felt, in my words, the film was more based on the internal conflict of egos than the music. Even though Phife is the only one showing support to the documentary, he stated to the associated press, “He (Rapaport) was very animated, adamant, any word you could mention with an 'A,'" Phife also said. "Sometimes he'll lose his composure, and he'll get it back. He was just real antsy." Interviews conducted with Rapaport had similar points of views, stating that he comes off as “a deer in headlights” & “distracted by the clusterfuck” surrounding him.
Rapaport did shoot back against the negativity of ATQ.
{"You know what Q-Tip was trying to do?" Rapaport fumed over the phone. "He thought he was going to rally the legions and legions of Tribe Called Quest and Q-Tip fans against me and this movie. That's what that was. Period. And they were trying to make me look bad. And essentially, they made themselves look bad." Rapaport says he plans to release extended interviews on the film's DVD that will "speak for themselves," offering "more insight into the type of people—" He stops himself. "People will get more insight into the dynamic of the group. I'm just going to leave it at that."} ~
So through all the controversy & ego clashing the question still remains. "Will A Tribe Called Quest ever record new music?" Phife told The Associated Press while helping to promote Rapaport's film, "We haven't recorded an album in like 13 years now. We don't just want to go in there for the money and it sounds like crap. The consensus would be, 'I've waited so-and-so years for this and y'all come out with this?' So we'd rather not do it than for that to happen."
Awwww. I think Tribe Called Quest could never put a bad album.


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