Keep Flowin'

Company Flow has been officially booked to the 1st United Kingdom, I’ll Be Your Mirror Festival. They were invited by the masterminds of PORTISHEAD, & come on who would turn down anything Portishead asked!? Not I.. man I wish I lived in the UK.
On July 16th @ Santos Party House New Yorkers had the privilege of an impromptu warm up concert from Company Flow.  A decade has passed since these underground rhyme masters have hit the stage in unison.  Not only were El-P & Bigg Jus on point with their heavy & intricate vernacular, they where so hype on the mic, you could hear the coarseness in their voices from raging on stage. Their fervor was reciprocated by the audience like an explosion of TNT, the crowd was matching every line verse for verse with the same enthusiasm that oozed from the stage. DJ Mr. Len was impressing all these die-hard underground hip hop heads with his turntable solo.
 Despite the fact that CoFlow has not played together in 10 years, did not affect the group what so ever “the days of underground hip-hop's brief reign of influence” was in full effect. 
“Albums that leave a mark are one of the most significant memory triggers, capable of instantly transporting your head space to other times.’ ~ Oli Marlow

All Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

 Info & photos obtained from associated press:
Below is a free SOUNDCLOUD.COM Mixtape from Mr. Len Of Company Flow, click the down arrow to download. :)

Mr Len JustBcuz - Mix by MAX AGENCY ROSTER


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