Masia One on The MOVE

Where should I start?! This fine female holds it down “maintaining queen status” from the jump, with several awards under her belt, dope videos, & fresh rhymes, it is obvious there is no stopping MASIA ONE’s grind. Her inspiration for the hip hop culture started with a bootleg copy of Public Enemy: It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.

Born in Singapore, she moved to Vancouver, CA, which is where her graffiti & b-girl skills developed.  It was during her stint @ the University of Toronto where she was in pursuit of a degree in Architecture, that she developed her craft as an illmatic emcee. It's quite clear Masia is on the move, conquering the relms of Canada, Asia, & the U.S. The fine-tuning of her smooth flow continues to captivate & mesmerize audiences all over the world.
FREE Downloadable tracks below, just click on the down arrow to download.
Enjoy your EARGASM! :) 

Masia One-Return of the Bgirl (Musty Nuts Money Mix) by Rocky Palos

Alright OK! - Masia One (radio mix) by masiaone


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