The Odd Couple

Big up to representatives Ron Paul (Republican: TX) & Barney Frank (Democrat: MA) for their efforts in trying to end the WAR on marijuana. According to this unlikely duo the legislation is not to legalize marijuana, but to remove it from the list of federally controlled substances. This would allow the state to make the choice of whether marijuana is legal and subject to taxation or illegal and subject to prosecution, not the federal government.
Ron Paul was recorded in a 2007 interview on ABC stating, “I think the government’s role should not be involved in personal habits. I believe those rules should protect children who are below the age of making good judgment. So I have no problem with state laws that would protect children from the use of these drugs but under the Constitution, the president and the federal government wouldn’t have a say in it.” ~
 Unfortunately there is little hope in the bill passing in a Republican House, it may not happen today but it is a step forward.


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