Pretty In Pink

I want!! I want!! ALL I WANT 4 CHRISTMAS is a PINK DOLPHIN!!!

Well I want a lot of things… but having a PINK DOLPHIN swimming in my backyard would be magnificent! (If I had an Olympic size pool, of course, with the right conditions to house a pink dolphin….. EEEeeeeeee!!!!!) No animal cruelty will be happening @ mi casa.
All PINK DOLPHINs are river inhabitants, not all river dolphins are pink though. Pink dolphins are found among the currents of the Amazon, Orinoco, & upper Madeira rivers, which are all located in the South America. They make up the largest portion of the 5 species of river dolphins that exist. River dolphins are only distantly related to oceanic dolphins. Since they live among the banks of rivers they have learned to adapt to their habitat, grubbing on other creatures such as crabs, catfish, small river fish, & even small turtles.
According to the Amazon Region folklore; the pink dolphin can turn from man to dolphin & back again. Apparently, when these dolphins find fine females on the shore they change shape & impregnate them…. WOAH!!! Watch out ladies! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha!
For more info on Pink DolphinS check out these sites: 
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