Wan TEST?!

Let’s revisit the year when Back to the Future 2 was a smash hit. I remember Marty McFly fleeing on a hover board to escape his archenemy, I’ve wanted one ever since!

A very informative friend of mine shared that there is in fact HOVER BIKE. From what I understand the hover bike is controlled much like a motorcycle, with a clutch, downshifting, steering, etc., but is has been compared to the handling of a helecoptor. According to Hover Bike , “The hover bike was designed with safety as the over-riding factor in all design.” There has been limited testing on this futuristic mode of transportation, but so far it has performed exactly as predicted. 

I’m sure you woundering, “Can you own a Hover Bike?” According to the website, “To help speed this up, so you can own one, we need funding and man-hours.” The process of testing & building this flying two-wheeler is only 10% of the way there. They are however willing to except help from you! If you think you are up for the challenge & would like to fly high, you can buy a prototype, by contacting Hover Bike  for more information & cost.


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