Returning Art To The Unclean

NEW YORK, NY (September 3rd, 2011)- Last Rites Gallery presents Returning Art To The Unclean, new works by Brian M. Viveros. 

"Known for his strong and sensuous depictions of women, Brian M. Viveros is a master of contemporary iconography paying homage to the femme fatale. While he almost exclusively paints portraits, within the expressions of his women is conveyed such deep emotion and overwhelming sexuality that his work is undeniably erotic. Often without even a hint of nudity, the viewer is seduced with a mere pout and gaze from his subject's faces. Although carrying on a long tradition of the alluring female in art, his work differs from Pin-Up style images of the past. Aside from the absence of figurative representation, the commanding subjects in his art contrast "Cheesecake" ideology of the soft and innocent. Instead, with her empowered stare, the Viveros smoking bad-girls flaunt battle scars, tattoos, and army paraphernalia. A force to be reckoned with, she is the epitome of a subculture heralding a new era with shifting ideals. This underlying concept of grit combined with sensuality is brought forth in his execution and paint handling, as flesh rendered with an almost touchable suppleness is juxtaposed by paint splatters and brushstrokes. With explosive compositions and an unmistakable style, Viveros creates 20th century representations of both beauty and culture.

Brian's paintings have appeared in museums and galleries throughout the world, and featured by media including Juxtapoz, Tattoo Society, Hi Fructose, Skin Two, and TLC's LA Ink. In 2005 Viveros made his directing debut with his short "Dislandia", and he has since created the full length feature "Southern" and other films, which have premiered internationally and have been featured on networks including The Sundance Channel.

In what will be Brian's second showing at the gallery, the opening will feature an all new collection of original paintings, as well as special rare prints from the artist's own collection; poster giveaway and signing; live "Smoking Army" performance; screening of Brian's films along with his new short, and much more." For more info visit LASTRITESGALLERY.COM & or Brian's WEBSITE.

Never Too Old For Graffiti

Their has always been & always will be conflicting opinions about graffiti, those that see street art & those that see vandalism.I see both sides, art is always open to interpretation. There is no right & wrong, black or white, it's all grey baby. Art by definition is;
The product or process of deliberately arranging items (often with symbolic significance) in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions, and  intellect. ~Wikipedia

The MAC x Retna = "Ave Maria"

Germany is inspiring the elderly by offering classes focused on creative writing, many seniors did not know they were talking about the creative writing on the wall :). Berthild Lorenz stated to ABC News, "When I realized that it was a course about that stuff people smear on all the buildings and walls, the first thing I thought was 'I can't stand that mess! But then I thought, I'm already here, I might as well stay." Stephanie Hanna from Berlin has set up several workshops for seniors, she just may be bridging the gap by showing seniors graffiti has artistic value. For more information see ABC NEWs

Stencil Inspiration

Don't be mistaken he's not Banksy. He is Señor X a very talented stencil artist. Enjoy these visuals. :)

"Pablo Picasso"

Check out his blog StencilsRX for more visual stimulation. 

Honkey Kong

Apathy is a rapper from Connecticut, he is a member DemiGodz, Get Busy Committee, & Army of the Pharaohs. The record industry has had its rounds with Apathy. Once signed to Atlantic Records he decided to leave the label due to "CREATIVE DIFFERENCES". Apparently Apathy did not want to go in the same direction as Atlantic with his music. Today August 23, 2011 he released his 3rd LP Honkey Kong. production & features the likes of Evidence, Mad Lion, General Steele (Smif-N-Wesson), DJ Premier & others.

XXL Magazine wrote, "Honkey Kong paints a good picture of the impressive output Apathy is capable of in 2011." Check it I will be!!

These Are The BREAKS!

Kurtis Blow is one of the 1st commercially successful rappers & the 1st to sign with a major record label. In 1979 he signed with Mercury which released “Christmas Rappin”, it sold over 400,000 copies. His sophomore release “The Breaks” sold over a half a million copies; he released 10 albums over the next 11 years. Kurtis Blow is not only known for his work but his work with others such as Lovebug Starski, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Full Force, Russell Simmons, Wyclef Jean, The Fat Boys, & Run DMC. Run began his career as ‘The Son of Kurtis Blow’. In celebration of Kurtis Blow's 30th Anniversary of The Breaks; enjoy these free eargasms, click the down arrow to download. :)

The Pen Is Mighty

"Stéphane Rolland was inspired by a Han dynasty script for his autumn–winter 2011–12 haute couture collection." ~

Beauty for the eye to behold.


Moombahton was born from D.C. based DJ Dave Nada of the house duo Nadastrom. In November 2009 he agreed to play a party for his cousin, but when he got there they were listening to reggateon, bachata & Latin music. Not wanting to wreck the vibe of the party by throwing on some techno-electro club music….

“So I thought to myself, 'What if I slow down the records that I have?' I slowed down this one track called 'Moombah,' and lo and behold it popped off." Nada describes Moombahton as "midtempo global bass for the universe." ~NPR

Below are free downloads of Moombahton, by Arizona’s finest DJ Pickster Uno, Riot Earp, & DJ Melo. Click the down arrow to get your free download! Eargasms for everyone!


Oliver Dene Jones aka SKREAM may only be 25, but with all his accomplishments in music, you could say age ain’t nothing but a number. Considered one of dubstep’s pioneers & prominent producers, he has played a lead role in the development of the genre. He is also a member of Magnetic Man with Benga & Artwork.  Skream has released music on several labels such as Tempa, Tectonic, & Big Apple Records. To get your free download of these mixes click the down arrow. :) As always enjoy your eargasm!

Promises! Promises!

Promises! Promises! was a low budget sex comedy that changed the game of nudity in films. Released 48 years ago to date, on August 15, 1963 it was the 1st  film in America to show a mainstream star naked, that star was the lovely Jane Mansfield.

The film banked on Jayne Mansfield (& her big boobs, ha!) to bring in movie goers. Hugh Hefner was a huge supporter of the film; he heavily pushed it in PLAYBOY Magazine. This led to the 1st & only arrest in Hugh Hefner’s life. He was charged with obscenity but acquitted by a Chicago jury. Several cities such as Cleveland banned the movie, but it still achieved notable success in the areas the film was shown.

The PLOT {Sandy Brooks (Mansfield) is desperate to get pregnant, but her husband Jeff a television script writer, is too stressed out to make love to her. In an attempt at a sea change, they go on a pleasure cruise and meet another couple, Claire and King Banner, both couples set out on a drunken spree. They end up changing partners when retiring to their rooms. Later both women discover that they're pregnant, and set out to find whether the fathers are their own or the other's husband.}


Cope2 is a world famous graffiti writer. He has been bombing walls since the late 70s, although he did not gain mainstream graffiti fame until the mid-90s. He was born in South Bronx, “The Mecca of Hip Hop” he calls it. His cousin, who wrote Chico, inspired & supported Cope to tag. Cope recalls his cousin tagging all over the inside of the trains & always carrying his PILOT (marker).

In ’82 Cope started his own crew KD, Kids Destroy, with KOPE aka AM1 & Ston3. Later KD became Kings Destroy, after COPE “King’d” the 4 Line (subway train). Kinging the 4 line consisted of the writer having the most tags inside & outside the train. By ’88 the NY subway graffiti era was dead, but Cope never stopped writing. In the late 80s early 90s he started painting permission walls with some of the illest crews around.

COPE2 x Fafi

Today COPE2 is still doing his thing repping King Status. His latest solo show World's Famous Bubble is taking place in Copenhagen @ Halvandet Gallery August 6 through September 6, 2011.

 Most recently on his blog he posted flicks of himself & Shepard Fairy crushing walls in Copenhagen. Know this COPE2 is still getting’ up!


Born & raised in Oakland, CA, Lateef the Truthspeaker has been rockin’ the underground with his verbal charm since the mid-90s. He is best known for his work with Lyrics Born as the group LATYRX, DJ Shadow, & Fatboy Slim. He is one of the founding members of Quannum Projects record label.

With a slew of collaborations; LPs, EPs, & mix tapes under his belt, he will release his 1st solo album November 8, 2011.  The LP FireWire will feature Del, The Grouch, Lyrics Born, Chief Xcel, Dan The Automator and DJ Shadow.The debut single “Testimony” was leaked via Quannum Projects Soundcloud. It has a very dubby, dreamy feel to it. Have a listen, what do you think?

FireWire's full  tracklisting is:
1. Let’s Get Up (prod. by Chief Xcel)
2. FireWire Interlude
3. Oakland (feat. Del & The Grouch)
4. Only Thought
5. We the People (prod. by Chief Xcel)
6. Heckuvit
7. Hardship Enterprise (feat. Lyrics Born)
8. So Sexy
9. Testimony
10. Left Alone (prod. by Dan the Automator)
11. Say What You Want (prod. by DJ Shadow)
12. Sara
13. Inside You

It's obvious to me...

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