Moombahton was born from D.C. based DJ Dave Nada of the house duo Nadastrom. In November 2009 he agreed to play a party for his cousin, but when he got there they were listening to reggateon, bachata & Latin music. Not wanting to wreck the vibe of the party by throwing on some techno-electro club music….

“So I thought to myself, 'What if I slow down the records that I have?' I slowed down this one track called 'Moombah,' and lo and behold it popped off." Nada describes Moombahton as "midtempo global bass for the universe." ~NPR

Below are free downloads of Moombahton, by Arizona’s finest DJ Pickster Uno, Riot Earp, & DJ Melo. Click the down arrow to get your free download! Eargasms for everyone!


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