My homie AZTEC SMURF says...

Everybody Wins!

This month, is doing something we've never done before! We are offering art prints for $0.00!! We will GIVE you one of our 11 x 17 art prints for NOTHING- All we ask for is that you help cover the shipping and handling to get it to your door.

Things have been moving fast over the last couple months and AztecSmurf now has fulfillment centers in California and New York!  What does this mean?  Well, simply put- someone sends out all the orders for us- giving Smurf more time to paint and do events!  If you cover the shipping and handling of $4.25 we will make sure our new order processing centers send a print to you!

Get your print for $0.00 + $4.25 shipping and handling now


Available Art as of: August 3, 2011..

      There are 2 original paintings being sold for the lowest prices ever! There's just no room in the studio, so sadly, these have to go.  Each piece took hours upon hours and is extremely detailed. We don't want to sell 'em but its time for someone else to enjoy them- have a look:

Abstract Realism - $450
dimensions: 20x20
click allow pictures to see

Love Bomb  - $500
dimensions: 30x20
click allow pictures to see
Reply with questions or if you would like additional pictures.


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