Promises! Promises!

Promises! Promises! was a low budget sex comedy that changed the game of nudity in films. Released 48 years ago to date, on August 15, 1963 it was the 1st  film in America to show a mainstream star naked, that star was the lovely Jane Mansfield.

The film banked on Jayne Mansfield (& her big boobs, ha!) to bring in movie goers. Hugh Hefner was a huge supporter of the film; he heavily pushed it in PLAYBOY Magazine. This led to the 1st & only arrest in Hugh Hefner’s life. He was charged with obscenity but acquitted by a Chicago jury. Several cities such as Cleveland banned the movie, but it still achieved notable success in the areas the film was shown.

The PLOT {Sandy Brooks (Mansfield) is desperate to get pregnant, but her husband Jeff a television script writer, is too stressed out to make love to her. In an attempt at a sea change, they go on a pleasure cruise and meet another couple, Claire and King Banner, both couples set out on a drunken spree. They end up changing partners when retiring to their rooms. Later both women discover that they're pregnant, and set out to find whether the fathers are their own or the other's husband.}


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