The Promise

For the 1st time in over a decade the legendary Freestyle Fellowship will reunite to drop their new album. Aceyalone, Myka 9, P.E.A.C.E., Self Jupiter,and DJ Kiilu Grand come together to create The Promise. With a the release date set around October 11, I am ecstatic to have these masterminds back together again. Freestyle Fellowship is what I grew up on, West Coast Underground @ its finest. Tracks like Hot Potato are still played @ B-Boy jams around the U.S. who knows maybe even the world!

"In Freestyle Fellowship each member brings the strengths of their diverse musical backgrounds to the forefront, with Myka 9's intelligent and meticulous rhymes, Aceyalone's distinct rhythm and old school folklore, Self Jupiter's creation of suspense and theatrical craziness, and P.E.A.C.E.'s southern demeanor matched in stride with his country swagger." ~JamBase

Below is the first single released off the album "We Are" check it out, what do you think?

The Promise Tracklisting
1. Introduction
2. We Are (produced by Eligh) 
3. The Write Here
4. Step 2 The Side (produced by Exile) 
5. Ambassadors
6. Dart
7. Gimme
8. Government Lies
9. Introspective
10. Daddies
11. Candy (produced by Black Milk)
12. Know The Truth
13. Popular
14. Promise
To find out more check this site Decon Records. 


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