GREEN Expertise

Phoebe Washburn is an amazing example of a fly-a-holic. This Poughkeepsie born New York native now resides in New York City. Washburn is known for her massive art installations made of garbage, trash, cardboard; scrap wood, and, more recently, organic matter such as sod or plants. Go Washburn for keeping it green! She creates these out the box installations with the help of her assistants due to the massive size & labor her structures demand. Washburn is currently represented by the Zach Feuer Gallery in New York.
"My sculptures depend a lot on the spaces where they are shown because they often are anchored into the wall but chance is definitely more of a factor in the final product than is any predetermined design. I just let the structures evolve by repeating the same action again and again. The process has a slightly neurotic element in that it involves adding little behavior habits. As silly as it sounds, I often feel as if my assistants and I are beavers building a dam. The shapes are less about form than they are about the activity involved in amassing and assembling the forms." ~ WIKIPEDIA


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