Habits of the Heart

I have loved Res for years, her super soul, funk, hip hop inspired style has always captivated me. I remember listening to some songs on repeat for days. Res & Talib Kweli have been experimenting with music for the last 4 years, they are no longer experimenting. Idle Warship is their new group & they will be dropping their 1st album, Habits of the Heart, on November 1, 2011. Man what a duo!

{"We're just challenging ourselves to see if we can make upbeat dance music without sacrificing our artistic integrity," Kweli tells Rolling Stone. "Rat Race," produced by German beat maker and Nneka collaborator Farhot, reflects the Idle Warship sound – a blend of electronic and R&B grooves with dashes of rock and hip-hop, and a marked departure from both artists' solo work. "People look at me as underground hip-hop artist and at Res as a neo-soul singer," says Kweli, "but the combination of our influences are so much greater than the boxes that people put us in."} ROLLINGSTONE.COM

Both artists are working on solo releases due out 2012, but are heavily focused on Idle Warship until then. For more information check out these articles on NBC NEW YORK & ROLLING STONE.


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