I remember the days when we partied in the desert. The memories, lasers, lights, & dust encasing your lungs. Over 10 years later DJs have upped their performances by mixing audio with stimulating visuals. Amon Tobin, of Ninja Tune Records, is just one of these DJs. He calls his “visual circus” ISAM (Invented Sounds Applied to Music). ISAM is an HD, 3-D mapping system with the same name as his album.
{The show features a shape-shifting DJ booth/art installation. Washes of color, shapes and video images stream over the structure, triggered by Tobin in a storyboard mapped to the music in real time.}
“Comparisons could be made to Deadmau5 and Daft Punk, who make electronic music and surround themselves with technology as they perform,” says Tobin. “But unlike that, ISAM doesn’t focus on making people dance. It’s not a DJ set where you’re raving; it’s a much more cinematic experience, and is more closely guided by a narrative, how the visuals and music work together.”} SUNTIMES
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