Large & In Charge

SABER is a Los Angeles born graffiti writer who rose to fame in 1997 when he tagged the largest graff piece ever on the bank of the Los Angeles River. He used 97 gallons of paint & it took 35 nights to complete. The piece was almost the size of a football field, measuring 250 x 55 ft. & could be seen clear as day from satellite photos. The piece burned for 12 long years.

Of course he was a writer long before that. When he was 13 his cousins took him to the infamous Belmont Tunnel. After polishing his tagging skills SABER joined MSK, and was later inducted into AWR a crew known for piecing. He has worked with companies like Levis, Harley-Davidson, and Hyundai & Scion. His art has also appeared in many movies & music videos.

Controversy surrounded SABER in 2010 when he filmed himself painting an American flag & “desecrating” it. The media such as FOX NEWS & MSNBC swarmed in on the story. In the interviews he said he was sending a message to the American health reform to get organized. Saber lives with Epilepsy and was quoted saying, "if people didn't have health care or health insurance they were done".

“While painting graffiti is his main focus, SABER also explores other artistic avenues. He is known for his surreal landscapes, which are pulled from the deep, dark places in his psyche, and has also created groundbreaking metal and wood sculptures of abstract letterforms and painstakingly rendered hyper-realistic canvases.” ~SABERONE.COM


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