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Your body's telling you: LOVE YOURSELF

Did you ever wonder about the metaphysical causes of illness & disease? This amazing book is a must read.


   /ˌmɛt əˈfɪz ɪ kəl/ Show Spelled[met-uh-fiz-i-kuh l] Show IPA

1. pertaining to or of the nature of metaphysics.
2. Philosophy .
     a. concerned with abstract thought or subjects, as existence, causality, or truth.
     b. concerned with first principles and ultimate grounds, as being, time, or substance.
3. highly abstract, subtle, or abstruse.
4. designating or pertaining to the poetry of an early group of 17th-century English poets, notably John Donne, whose characteristic style is highly intellectual and philosophical and features intensive use of ingenious conceits and turns of wit.
5. Archaic . imaginary or fanciful.

Now that you understand what metaphysical means here's an example of a passage from the book:

Physical Block: Anxiety is a groundless fear. The person who suffers from it lives in a painful state of waiting for some unknown and unseen danger.
Emotional Block: Anxiety prevents us from effectively living in the present. We base our concerns on experiences that happened in the past- either to us or others- and use this accumulated knowledge to worry about the future. Are fertile imaginations are our constant companions. The make us imagine improbable events as we keep tireless watch for signs that would prove we have every right to worry.


 In the 1970s The Sex Pistols rented a house on Denamrk St aka “Tin Pan Alley” in London, where they marked their territory in graffiti. According to archeologists these “pieces of art” are as important as prehistoric cave drawings. Dr. Schofield from the Department of Archeology @ the University of York is in favor of preservering these pieces despite the offensive nature of the art.  They {may be of greater significance than the discovery of early Beatles recordings an d is "a direct and powerful representation of a radical and dramatic movement of rebellion." } TELEGRAPH.COM

Most of the graffiti cartoons were done by Johnny Rotten illustrating himself, other members of the band, & their manager. Currently researchers are debating over property & whether it should be considered a heritage site with a blue plaque to show its historical importance.

Art Basel

Miami is a prime example for today’s art movement. They have tours to showcase street art around the city, & many events coordinated around the culture. The Art Basel event is no exception. The showcase involves a 20ft high rose bed, early photos of Andy Warhol, a Picasso up for auction, & a naked women living in a pig pen. Street, fine, & performance art wrapped together in one event. I SAY AWESOME!!! This is the 10th Anniversary of this international art extravaganza, featuring thousands of works, from over 2,000 artists.  Miami’s art scene has developed tremendously since Art Basel 1st started, which ultimately transformed the city’s historical district into prospering, trendy districts such as South Beach.

Previous Displays

{The pig pen installation will undoubtedly be the most jaw-dropping event at the art fair. Known for photographing herself nude in subway tunnels or in front of graffiti walls, performance artist Miru Kim will be living with pigs for her performance "The Pig That Therefore I Am."} CBSNEWS.COM

If you’re a Fly-A-Holic in Florida sounds like an EVENT you should attend!! For more info check out ARTBASELMIAMIBEACH.COM  

Mr. Perfect


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Did you know SHOWER CURTAINS could be this fly?!


I promise on EVERYTHING this is a clam!
A geoduck, pronounced GOOEY DUCK, is a massive clam. It’s shell can be as large as 7.9in or more in length! Its neck, which is called the siphon is way longer, it can get up 3.3ft. The geoduck’s odd name means “dig deep”, it is the largest burrowing clam in the world. It is not uncommon to hear about a geoduck that weighs over 15lbs and over 6.5ft in length.

Geoducks are one of the longest living creatures in the animal kingdom, the oldest one recorded was 168 years old! It is rare however for them to be over a hundred years old. In Asia they can sell for up to US$168/lb, it is coveted for its savory taste and crunchy texture. The geoduck has brought in $80 million dollars to the US industry.

Would you eat this?


In a time where the city of Los Angeles is fighting to ban street art (LA's Mural Moratorium) one of street arts biggest advocates was posted on the corner of Le Brea & 2nd St painting and pasting his message on the wall. It was none other than Shepard Fairey. Many were expecting Five-O to mob up on him and cuff him on the spot.

{"This is a legal wall," Fairey explained. "I used to put stuff illegally on the roof of this place all the time. Then all of a sudden they stopped cleaning it off."} LAIST.COM

Why?! Because they liked it!! The “they” is Madison Marquette building company. They are the company behind many "modern lifestyle centers," aka fancy outdoor malls. Fairey was prodded with questions if he was getting paid for the mural, he retorted with the fact that he was just covering the paint.

{"Usually when I get a legal wall it just means I don't have to look over my shoulder for the police," he explained. "For me the important thing is that the work is in public and it's free for the audience. For years, I couldn't get my work out in public any other way than to just do it illegally....It's really great to have a legal wall." "They were really worried about any of the content being controversial," Fairey said of his negotiations with the building owners. "I kept true to my own work...and went with pro nature, pro peace." He showed me his graphic design prints for the mural: a hand with a watch embedded in it, reading "High Time for Peace," and a monkey pod tree adorned with peace lanterns and leaves lapping at the familiar face of The Giant.

Reflecting on his choice to accept the free wall despite its regulations, Fairey said, "The great thing about the illegal stuff is that there's no bureaucracy, you know? Say what you want to say. But the downside is the impermanence. This will stay up for theoretically, years." Fairey's mural has all the beauty, energy, and silent strength his work always possesses and this message just happens to be one that forward-thinking corporate clients and the 99 percent can both embrace.}LAWEEKLY.COM

Pictures obtained from this DOPE ARTICLE .


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Legends of Hip Hop

The Legends of Hip Hop is a book of portraits by well-known painter Justin Bua. The idea behind his book is historically painters have always painted the most influential people of that time(kings, queens, popes); this is his version of the important people of the 21st century.

{This has never been done before. This is a comprehensive, visual, articulate representation of the legends of this culture that's never been done before. So I'm painting everybody from James Brown, Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali all the way up to Kool Herc, Melle Mel, Afrika Bambaataa; all the way to the 1990's with Wu-Tang Clan and A Tribe Called Quest and all of these people who have been so influential. I go all the way up to Jay-Z and President Barack Obama. It's the first time it's ever been done and the most comprehensive, in a visual way, of understanding the lineage of hip-hop.} ~

Mr. Wiggles

{"Look, Obama is our first hip-hop president," Bua told SOHH. "He was elected by the hip-hop generation and even though white America might not have noticed, [during the campaign], Obama was there brushing his shoulders off, referencing Jay-Z's ['Dirt Off Your Shoulders'] song. He was doing a lot of things that may have gone over the heads of middle America but he was clearly influenced by the culture. He clearly understands the culture. Even though he's said, 'Oh, I love jazz,' we really know Obama knows the culture because he's from the culture. From Chicago to Hawaii, hip-hop is pervasive. On top of that, we're the ones that voted for him. Whether Obama was hip-hop or not, the hip-hop generation came out. Whether it was Diddy, Kanye West or Jay-Z, we came out and supported him. He was not only America's first black president but he was America's first hip-hop president."} ~SOHH.COM

{ Another reason is to listen to my stories. I'm born and raised in New York City, I've watched the birth of hip-hop unfold and consequently I've painted the birth of hip-hop. I am really a documentarian of the hip-hop culture in a lot of ways. The hip-hop culture really birthed my style and my voice. My voice is really not my voice but the voice of everyone in this generation. So my voice doesn't belong to me, it belongs to the people. I don't paint to live, I live to paint and I live to paint for the people.} SOHH.COM
Pictures collected from

The Queen of Halloween

I know I know, Halloween is over, done & past. BUT I DON"T CARE!!! I wish it were Halloween everyday! :) There is one lady who in my opion is the reigning Queen of Halloween..... HEIDI KLUM.
I love her because no only is she absolutely gorgeous super model she is not afraid to look gory, silly, or way far out. These are few photos of how well Heidi does Halloween....




"All you folks that think you know my life..You never made no sacrifice..
Demons they are on my trail..I'm standing here @ the crossroads of hell..
You think money rules & all else fails..Go sell yourself & keep your shell..
I'm trying to protect what I keep inside... All the reasons that I live my life.."

Love this song...

Did you know 11-11-11 only happens every hundred years?

Honor Your Roots

The city of Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program will be honoring The Roots. PMR is decideing on the exact location of where the mural will be painted, but no final descisions have been made yet. South Street between 3rd and 6th is being looked at because of its history with The Roots, this is where they played some of their earliest shows, but that is not the only reason. The group’s co-founder Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter has a standing history with Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program. Back in the day when it was part of the city’s Anti-Graffiti Network, he had to serve 150 hours of community service after getting busted for graffiti. “It’s just an amazing blessing and so ironic for there to be a legal mural of The Roots,” Trotter joked before adding, “I never imagined in my wildest dreams that something like this would take place.” ~NEWS.GOOGLE.COM

{Mural Arts also made a call for proposals to begin the process of selecting the artist or artist teams that will be responsible for engaging the community in all phases of the mural-making process, from design through execution. The proposal can be downloaded at: MURAL ARTS .
The deadline is November 21, 2011.}WEEKLYPRESS.COM 

Below are some free downloads of The Roots & Black Thought. Just push the down arrow to the right to download.