Houston Hearts Urban Art

"Is it possible to get more bad ass than this?" tweeted the SAINTARNOLD.COM. The Saint Arnold brewery recently commissioned GONZO247 to paint a mural based on the Saint Arnold’s logo.

“I finished up around 12 last night after working for a solid four hours," the artist told Culture Map today. "I like to step back from a new piece for a while, just to see how it could be tweaked. I'll be back later today to finish the project."

GONZO0247 has been a resilient enthusiast of Houston artists & non-profits since he opened his gallery Aerosol Warfare Gallery in 1994. He started tagging in 1984. Ashe evolved as an artist he ultimately transformed into a brand. Not only does he own his own gallery, he is producing a video series, & launching Houston’s Wall of Fame, it is the largest art installment of its kind. Among his other achievements he has worked with major brands like Converse, Red Bull, Coca Cola and Sony “on advertising campaigns that speak to urban communities.” ~ARTSHOUND.COM



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