So Fresh & So Green

“Doze Green speaks in a unique creative voice from the collective consciousness, applying a symbolist approach to metaphysical concepts.” ~JONATHANLEVINEGALLERY.COM

Doze Green is absolutely one of my all time favorite graffiti writers. He is a native New Yorker, a peer of BASQUIAT & an original member of Rock Steady Crew. He has been involved in our hip hop culture since the late 70s. His graffiti/street art has crossed over from gracing the subways and walls, to being showcased in galleries & public murals. He works with a variety of mediums like ink, gouache, and metallic pigments. His message and art is a mixture of organic, abstract ideas, with fluid lines conveying his own personal feelings & beliefs.
The themes are inspired by ancient civilizations & indigenous cultures, including his own Afro-Caribbean roots. His human and animal figures are {divinities (that) represent sentinels, the guardians of universal truths, immortal warriors warning mankind of the dangers contemporary society has manifested, looming on the horizon and threatening to destroy us.} ~GALLERYDRIVER.COM


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