Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy is tattooed from head to toe. Frank Lewis a Montreal tattoo artist is responsible for most of his work, although they created the theme & art together. It took over 6 years & thousands of dollars to be transformed into ZOMBIE BOY…. {Conceived by him to be "about the human body as a decomposing corpse – the art of a rotting cadaver.", and "also a tribute to horror movies", a favorite genre of his.}~ ZOMBIE BOY 

ZB’s circus carnival adventures.. { Circus Freaks and Geeks Genest joined sideshows with contemporary carnivals learning geek work, clowning, fire play, lying on a bed of nails and flesh pull techniques. He eventually amassed a group of performers together to create his own travelling freak show titled Lucifer’s Blasphemous Mad Macabre Torture Carnival which he also directs. Lucifer’s Blasphemous was inspired by the resurgence of sideshows (think Jim Rose Circus) and body modification artists like Lizard Man and The Enigma. “Lucifer is our boa [constrictor] and we are the droids of death,” says Genest, explaining the idea behind the troupe. The performers also include the sexy mistresses Sedusa, as well as Dr. Kuttz the psychotic auto mutilator, and a bevy of other Coney Island circus inspired characters. “So you’ve got some action, some gore, some burlesque-sexuality, and of course the comedy! It’s a Three Stooges freak show, unlike you’ve ever seen,” says Genest who performs in English and French, and clearly plays the ‘Zombie’ character.}Rick Genest

In March 2010 Zombie Boy created a facebook page that reached 1,516,145. All the attention swirling around him caught the eye of Lady Gaga's Fashion Director Nicola Formichetti. His unusual look captivated not only the public but the fashion industry as well. Lady Gaga’s Fashion Director Nicola Formichetti approached him. Now this circus born performer, his act included laying on a bed of nails, is a model & a muse.

In Febuary 2011 he was featured in Lady Gaga’s video Born This Way, Gaga wore make-up replicating Genest’s tattoos in the video.

His most current project is working as part of the campaign for “Go Beyond The Cover” promoting for Dermablend professional makeup products. He appeared in a video where a makeup team covered all his tattoos as an example of the cover-up process. For information on this very interesting man check out these sites  ASK MENRICK GENEST , & RickGENEST.COM .


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