Back with the Anthem

{For the first time since 1999′s Nineteen Naughty Nine: Natures’ Fury, all three members of Grammy award-winning Hip-Hop group Naughty By Nature have come together to release the group’s 20th anniversary album, Anthem Inc.

The album, which features Hip-Hop classics like “O.P.P” and “Hip Hop Hooray,” also features a ton of new material, including the group’s new single, “Perfect Party,” which features R&B singer Joe. Friend and fellow Hip-Hop icon, Queen Latifah also appears on the album, as does soul singer Syleena Johnson. Anthem Inc., which is being released (December 13), on Illtown Records and Entertainment One also features a number of underground rappers from New Jersey, such as Tah G Ali, Du It All, Fam and more.} All Hip Hop


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