If you decide to take a walk today in London, I would recommend the Woodland Walk. Today a new piece by VIBES. Inspired by the Walk’s landscape, VIBES decided to paint a tree frog & a snail. Big up to VIBES I love nature, I paint it all the time. Just call me MAMA NATURE.

Not only does the walk showcase VIBES art, it is filled with organic sculptures.
{Walker Fiona Whitehouse, 46, a freelance PA of Liberia Road, Highbury, said: “It doesn’t feel as if it’s an attempt to deface it or make it look horrible. It’s part of what Parkland Walk is; a bit of countryside in a really urban environment.”}

{Vibes, who has painted in the Parkland Walk before, told the Journal: “I wanted to create something more suited to the surrounding environment, something everyone can appreciate. “I like to paint in public spots but don’t like the idea that people find what I am doing intimidating. It’s not about that for me.”}TOTTENHAMJOURNAL.COM 
The frog mural has even won over Chris Mason, secretary of the Friends of Parkland Walk, who work to protect its woodland character. He said: “That is the dilemma with the walk. We want it to be a ribbon of calm and not over-urbanised or carry reminders of urban issues, but then the odd incident that breaks the rule can sometimes be welcome.”} TOTTENHAMJOURNAL.COM

For more info visit the Woodland Walks website:


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