Manny “Sharkman” Puig is one crazy Cuban. His brains, brawn & his extreme adventures are immensely intriguing, he is mostly known for his stints on Jackass & Wildboyz. Manny always looked up to Tarzan as a boy, & I got to be honest he is the real life Tarzan to me, HAIR & ALL!!

Manny specializes is shark behaviors, but takes on many fierce predators such as snakes, bears, alligators, snapping turtles, ECT. By working with these predatory animals as close as he does he learned behaviors & other things that most textbooks & scientists were not willing to except. So Manny started making videos & photographing his interaction with these predators as proof.

This is a technique Manny calls levitation. No this is not photo shopped.
{Today, Manny's influence and groundbreaking discoveries have opened up the way for so many more people to understand the behavior of these terrible hunters. Being seen on Animal Planet, Discovery, USA Network, MTV, and so many more television programs, DVDs, and even movies, Manny's name and appearance has become unmistakable.} BIO

I definately recomend this DVD it has amazing footage of Manny in action. I watched it on NETFLIX!


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