What will they come up with next?!

ThinkGeek you are ingenious! The reason I say this is they have recently come out with a drum machine t-shirt. Nooo this is not just a picture of drum machine on a t-shirt is an actual drum machine & looper. You or anyone else you allow to touch you can tap on the pads and make beats right on the spot. The shirt come with an amplifier & a speaker, but you can also rock beats in your headphones. {The Electronic Drum Machine T-shirt comes with 9 different drum kits from rock drums to techno-punk to discotek. If you like your creation, you can even record it (but only up to 3 minutes) and play it back. You can layer beats and build it up.}THINKGEEK.COM

You can cop this shirt @ Think Geek for $29… BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED.


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