10 things you must know about BURST ROCK!

Q. How & when did you get involved in popping? Breaking?
A. I’ve been dancing all my life but I really got involved in the lifestyle around 94/95. That is when I went full force with PopLocking I tried breaking but it really wasn’t for me I wanted to be different from everyone else you ever heard the saying don’t be a follower be a leader well I’m a leader and I always will be it’s in my blood.

Q. What crews are you a part of and which ones are you the founders of?
A. I represent The World Famous Funny Bones Crew an Soul 2 Soul Bboys I’m co founder of the FunnyBones Crew along with my Brother Warlock we Established FBC in 2002 and I’m the founder of Soul 2 Soul Bboys I started that crew in 1997 if you wanna learn more about the history pick up the STREET LEVEL DVD it will tell you everything you need to no about our crew and then some.

Q. What videos, movies, commercials, TV. shows have you been featured in?
A. WOW where do I start I’ve been blessed to do many big things in my life and I’m still doing big things which is pretty crazy cuz not everyone can still be active in the scene, whether it be the Hollywood scene or my personal favorite the Street Scene, for 10 plus yrs I’m still doing it… lol but I’m best know for my Levis Super bowl commercial in 2002 I’ve also done Commercials for Sprite, McDonalds, Nissan, Pepsi, Nike, Xbox 360 and a few others I’ve also been on a few music videos with artist like Fergie and Swizz Beats My homies 2Tone,Oso Vicious ,Nikki D, Concrete, Midget Loko and the list goes on.. lol TV Shows to many to name I will say this be on the look out for my new movie I’m coming out in called “Filly Brown” Ft Tronic ,Pandora and along with other members from FBC and S2S.

4. What is your mission in the dance world?
A. To make FUNNYBONES CREW AND SOUL2SOUL BBOYS a house hold name….lol and to take over every state we have members in. FBC is growing like crazy and making mad noise everywhere we go so I hope FBC is the crew that inspires you to do you we tell it like it is not like it ain’t…

5. What message would you like to relay to all dancers out there?
A. Don’t believe the hype you do you and that’s all that matters stop trying to look like some else and be yourself there’s to many look a likes out there. make your own path

6. Who is your OG/Teacher? Do you have one?
A. I don’t have an OG!!! I pretty much did my own thing but my cuzn thought me the basics of popping “Joe Ramos” and I went from there I never had a teacher the streets taught me what I know and I just put my life into my dance. If I had to pick someone it would be my brother WARLOCK for a few reasons but that’s a whole nother subject.. FBC all day!

7. What dance inspires you the most? Bboying? Popping? Ballet?
A. haha Of course POPLOCKING but I’m a fan of BBoying cuz I come from that and I always will.

8. Where does your inspiration stem from?
A. My mom, dad and most of all my daughter pretty much my whole family and friends I wanna show everyone if you have a dream follow it cuz dreams do come true it takes time and hard work but they come true as long as you work at it.

9. Do you teach regularly? Where & when?
A. Yes I teach at the Jv Dance center every Monday and I teach everywhere else they higher me to…

10. Who is your all time favorite dancer?
A. I don’t have one!!!! But if I had to pick it would be all the members in FunnyBones an Soul2Soul BboysS..



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