The cockatoo’s move able head crest is raised when the bird lands from flying or it is aroused. Apparently he loved me!
I used to think I was NOT AT ALL an animal person. I consider MYSELF a wild animal and didn’t think I needed to own one. Ha. When I started getting into photography I realized I love to chase them, or catch them in action. I never knew that animals would avoid you! You have to be very calm and non-obtrusive when getting close to them. The cockatoo is any of the 21 species belonging to the Cacatuidae bird family. Cockatoos do have a preference in what they eat. They like eat seeds, tubers, corms, fruit, flowers and insects. Cockatoos have strong legs & claws. They tend to use their strong bills as a third limb. Being around a cockatoo personally, I KNOW they have loud screeching voices, like nails to a chalkboard. Not only are they loud, they are very high maintenance & hard to cater for. HA, sounds like MEEEeeee.


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