Now this is the homie, 10+ years deep I known The Incredible Glad2MeCHA.... C.H.A. = Canibus Hemp Awareness. :) I've spent days upon days at the pad rockin' the mic.. while he was tearing up beats on the MPC. I believe if you surround yourself with greatness. You become great.. you are who you kick it with to an extent. Check out his album HELLO just released today,. January 1, 2012. The album features Rasco from Cali Agents put out by Stones Throw Records, Moka Only of Swollen Members, Cadence, & Sinuous. Last but not least we got Ill Treats on the beats. If this is what this year in hip hop has to offer, I for see the conscious movement on the rise. 

Hello Track Listing
2. Too Much 02:43 
4. Never Give Up 02:35 
5. Jazz 03:45 
7. Take Notes 04:20 
12. Hip Hop 03:38 
13. Social Mix Up 03:50 
14. Dreams - Interlude 01:09 
15. Mans Life 03:18 
16. Walking On By 05:03 
17. Moving Above 05:39 
19. Love 04:40 


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