I have seen Aceyalone more times than I can count. Ace ONE never fails to prove why he is considered a microphone master of his time. Whether he is on a solo mission, plus Dj, or rockin’ it on stage with a multi piece band, he is one of my all time favorite emcees. Eddie Hayes aka Aceyalone is a founding member of the Freestyle Fellowship, and co-founder of Project Blowed. He is also part of the A-Team with Abstract Rude, and Haiku D’etat with Ab Rude and Mikah 9, who is also a member of Freestyle Fellowship. If you have ever been to a B-boy/B-girl battle in the mid 90s and forward, “Hot Potato” was played and is still played at battles its such a classic joint. Aceyalone always delivers with his jazz scatology, and free flow mash of many styles, he is a true POET. Since the 80′s he has been a purist with his mic check, getting open @ the Good Life Cafe in Leimert Park alongside the likes of Mikah 9, T. Spoon, and Volume 10. The Goodlife is now known as Project Blowed. You must own the 1991 indie classic “To Whom It May Concern” and “All Balls Don’t Bounce”, also check out “Moonlit Skies” with Goapelle for a smoother jazzy tip on things, or pick up his doo-wop and ‘60s-pop-inspired LP, Aceyalone & the Lonely Ones. No matter what style this lyricist is on he never fails to rock! These are some of my photos from one of the Acey’s shows @ The Blunt Club (Red Owl); Tempe, Az.

"We all hurt sometimes. Don't we? We all get hurt sometimes. Don't we? We all laugh sometimes. Don't we? We often pass the time. Don't we? We all get mad sometimes. Don't we? We all can flash at times. Can't we? Have some piece of mind? Don't we need to seize the time? Don't we? Life is FUCKED up But it can be Some people just lucked up Because they can see The shit is chaotic in disguise Guns and narcotics for or demise And don't forget the lies They pump you with I rise to the occasion without a scratch or abrasion Just a hop, skip, and jump Away from a rock hit and a drunk" ~The HURT

"If it wasn't for a mic check I wouldn't have a check at all.." Aceyalone, Mic Check

 If you ever have the opportunity to see ACE ONE live you must go watch this master of the mic get DOWN! 


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