Torture Couture

{TORTURE COUTURE–Originally unique confections, handmade glam, consisting of vintage inspirations, floral, cameos, skulls, genuine crystals, my love for dark things, with a hint of death, and a dash of sparkle!}

From what I gathered CallowLily is the model/photographer featured in this flik. <3


I hate to compare artistry, but if you’ve ever heard of Tarina Tarantino, or Betsey Johnson: Torture Couture is similar in style, but unique as well. These superb pieces go from affordable $20 to custom $300 & up on all the jewelry & portraits. Yesss… CallowLily will do a CUSTOM portrait of you or your loved ones check out her site for more info:

Everything is handmade D.I.Y. for life BABY!

TORTURE COUTURE is now sold at:
Pinup Girl Clothing, Los Angeles, CA
Get Go Retro, MD
Kitten Koffin Zombies, PA
Tokyo Royale, UK
Ragdoll Vintage, CA
Fetish Falls, Tempe, AZ
Jena’s Salon, Orange County, CA
Atomic Cherry Boutique, CA
Plaza De Anaya, Tempe, AZ
Slicks Styled Steel Tattoo Shop, Montreal, Canada
EverMore NeverMore, Downtown Mesa, AZ
By Royal Disappointment, West Hollywood, CA




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