Tracy Lee Stum

{Tracy Lee Stum is an internationally recognized talent who’s versatile and exceptional abilities excel in the realms of painting, drawing, street painting and decorative design. A visionary and leader in these creative arenas, Tracy’s wealth of experience, expertise and imagination makes her one of the most highly sought after working artists in her respective oeuvres today.} 

{Tracy is also a leader in organizing large-scale public arts projects worldwide, with extensive knowledge in project management and planning to international team building. Tracy has consulted in developing street painting festivals in Asia, North America, India and throughout the US. She recently completed a tour of India, sponsored by the American Center at the US Consulate General, creating exhibition 3D street paintings and teaching workshops at 5 distinguished universities and art colleges in that country. She was selected to coordinate the following projects: a reproduction of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling for the 2003 Youth In Arts 10th Anniversary street painting festival; in 2005, Hong Kong’s first ever Street Painting ‘Spectacolore’; and a second reproduction of the Sistine Chapel ceiling in conjunction with the 2007 Universal Forum of Culturesin Monterrey, Mexico. Additionally, Tracy promotes arts education and has conducted street painting workshops at these festivals and other events throughout the US, including the prestigious Getty Center in Los Angeles.} 

“I’m a street painter – I draw things with chalk pastels on pavement; typically streets, plazas or sidewalks in urban public areas. I have a passion for manipulating 2D surfaces to reveal an unlikely alternative in 3D, typically designing and creating interactive images which invite the viewer to become part of my imagined world. As a result, communicating through this manner of direct participation has certainly become the keystone of my philosophy on being a visual artist. The ephemeral nature of this art form has taught me how to let go of expectations, trust in my abilities and enjoy process. I tend to work intuitively, often creating or developing each painting in the moment – I may not know exactly how it will look before I begin but I listen to my impulses and find they always lead me to wonderful discoveries and results. Technically my works are completed rather quickly: 1 to 3 days being the limit for most paintings. It’s a very physical way to make something and an appropriate conduit for my needs to 1.) Stay in motion and 2.) Visually reinvent whatever real estate I stake out. My chalk conversations speak from imagination, beauty & playfulness through imagined and referenced sources, with nods toward art history, personal history, contemporary cultural iconography & global cultural influences. Perception, geometry, lighting, color and movement are essential to my work – as much as accessing my intuitive impulses. In choosing this unorthodox manner in which to communicate with others, I have surely found a suitable medium to express my visions of mind and heart.” 
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