I got my own bank account when I was 15 – I have been a devoted INTERNET SHOPPER since. You just can’t find the dopest, iLLest, gear, vinyl, kicks, etc. by simply frequenting your local mall or record store. (The internet is worldwide BABY! Not to mention 24/7.)  One of my favorite online stores is TURNTABLE LAB, est. 1999. Been a regular customer there since early 2001; the guys there really put in work and I respect their musical opinions. Back when I first started shopping there they mostly carried underground hip hop, down tempo/ambient, and turntablist-based music. Now, they have expanded to an electro, house, Baltimore club, indie disco feel – I believe this is mostly because hip hop is boring @ the moment and other genres are still doin’ it up. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HARDCORE underground hip hop head! I can bust all elements, because it’s a lifestyle not a hobby, but I can’t remember the last time I was impressed by a hip hop artist… 2008?) Please let me know if you know of any new amazing artists or releases!

You can imagine how I felt when one day I was walking thru the streets of L.A. and there it was… AWWWWeee *shining across the street* AWWWWWeee.… the PHYSICAL location….the ACTUAL store… AAAWWWWEEEE! I had never been to the actual store before and it was as fresh and clean as the website. White walls adorned with posters, clothing racks roomy and open, a few listening stations – it reminded me a lot of an art gallery. Of course the online store has more of a selection then the physical store, but either way, if you are ever in LA/NYC/TOKYO, drop into the TURNTABLE LAB nearest you.


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