Jake One - The Truth feat. Freeway and Brother Ali

"yall aint fuckin with the ROC nigga 
you dont want it with the FRE nigga 
yall aint fuckin with them jake one beats nigga 

cause we spittin...the truth...and nothin else 

all my real fans did you miss him 
these youngins might not know em but they feel him 
free just startin i aint stoppin till the millions 
im as raw as pickin cotton wit ya bare hands 
this is state prop game rockefella fan 
im ya favorite flow-ers flower you can call him 
and ask him 
hell tell you that i spit it liek i spit it befoe 
listen fella this rockafella we invented the flow 
cause packin dimes in the cella 
when nas had his tec in the dressa 
now i pass checks to bank tellas nigga 
feely freeza had a black smitha nd western 
but black smith and western started recin they shows 
they was enterin the stage i was enterin the stage too 
you jsut start doin it 
i did it befoe 
who you 
free original, im in the buiuldin with a hard core vintage flow i get the doh 
im the truth 

you aitn fuckin with the RSE neither 
and you aint fuckin wit that borther ali believe it 
and you aint fuckin with them jake one beats 

(now everyone wants to know the truth about a brotha name..ali) 

j roll that beat out like a red carpet 
i put that blood red target to yo head spark it 
directly out the can im marchin like im rev sharpten 
bet im starvin like its free breathe his heads stauntin 
look liek im shar-croppin 
cooped up sqattin in a studio apartment 
food stamps up in the pocket mixin tuna with the vomet 
boosted a few bottles of baby food out the market 
you aint grew in this environment 
so who are you to comment 
hungry pacin in a bus station wit my nuts hanging but i nvr sold bass mutha fuck rangin 
shit just sweatin in my up brangin 
none of us is above scrapin my brothers so i dont judge nathan 
to my my buddy sangly 
then one got takin out toe tagged 
fuck that 
rather be taken out but naked 
i say it real im afraid of bein killed 
seein my kids raise in hell 
me and ray in jail 
in them dones i been sketchin since im seven 
got collected by my brethren,now its my profession 
big music industry im seldom gettin mentioned 
but the few that do zoom in respect me as a legend 
fuck that im a reverend 
the feelin freeza wit the street preacha settin up shop teachin the lessons 
these are not jsut words 
we tell you in the booth 
that feelin you just got in yo stomach is the proof 
we the truth 

you aint fuckin with the roc nigga 
you aitn fuckin with the RSE neitha 
you atin fuckin with them jake one beats nigga"
The Truth: Lyrics


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