To fall in love,
With the things you do
Don't sell yourself 
To fall in love
With those things you do.

Lady's loving my music is like some sex ****,
*****s trying to grip up my mic like it's a ****.
Run around the corner to pick up the new ****,
Toss this in the deck so *****s can catch rep.
I'm the ************ gripping the mic like it's a joke,
*****s fall in love with the music like its a hole.
Put down your mic you lost your whole goal,
You take it to seriously like it's a gamble.
**** this rap **** I listen to classical,
In the studio you ask usual,of the
My lyrical
Of *****es who you would know.
I'm out of this cause you want to be below.
Y'all *****s in love with the S,
Y'all *****s in love with the S.

Yeah, jetty man I see sometimes,
I sit and wonder when I think about these written rhymes.
How'd I get to the point constantly taking all my time?
Time I could of been spending gettin' cash, gettin' mine.
Hoping one day it comes around.
One day when I'm the ***** gettin' money, gettin' cash, gettin' signed
Getting the **** out the ghetto, cause I'm tired of crime.
But it's a crime that I feel this ****ing waste of time.
But sometimes I feel like this **** here is a waste of time, yours and mine.
To these *****s out here trying to rhyme.
Your reason for a better should of been genuine.
I do it because it gives me a sort of peace-of-mind.
And for the love.

Yourself, yourself


Yo, one-two
Word up, ah one-two, SV, word up, word up, alright.
Uh,uh,uh and to my ***** Jay-Dee uh, uh my ***** T-3 uh, oh 
That ***** Batian uh, uh, that's my crew,
Yo, uh, oh this going out to my ***** Bust-a,
And all my other motherfu-cka,
What up to all you trying to bust, us.
Trying to get down with us, cause we know you just mad as hell,
Yo I'll give em the mic, ehhh! So *****s don't know that I am,
T-3 on the mic,
I do what I do what I like, to get down right tonight.
(cause?) Cause I get down tonight, yo
*****s try and put up a fight, wit us, yo alright.


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