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Zephyr aka Andrew Witten has evolved into more than a street artist, he is also an author and lecturer.


He will forever be known as an OG in the New York graffiti scene. He laid the framework for the fundamentals of the game along with Futura 2000, Blade, PHASE 2, CASH, Lady Pink and  TAKI 183.


His work was documented in STYLE WARS & BOMB IT, he also played himself in the movie Wild Style.

Wild Style

A MESSAGE FROM "Zephyr" New York City 2011:

Hi there. I started painting graffiti on NYC subways in 1977. Today, I may still paint graffiti or I may not still paint graffiti. You can decide. I'm not saying. This website is provided by me as an effort to share some of my handiwork with you. Over 99% of the work here no longer exists, so this is all we've got. I had a great time making this stuff. If you have even a small fraction of my good times checking it out, that's great. If you hate my graffiti, that's great too. After all, it was never created to elicit applause...


If you want to find out more about ZEPHYR check out his site http://zephyrgraffiti.com/.


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