Bang Bang - Luckyiam feat. Lana Shea

Let’s get it crackin’, y’all like ready, it’s enormous
Before I make some glory in the boring
I’m informing a new shit, a warning
Time off, imploring
Pouring my opinion on this industry, I’m snore
We gon wake up the late thugs, recording
They Lebron James but I came up on Jordan’s
I’m telling y’all this Youtube, five minute
Playing games, smoke, rain, same thing
Nothing really changed but the character

Bang bang
I heard a couple shots
I be jumpin’ up
I will get up off the block if you’re something soft
Target your face up
Speaking of the same stuff
Stating what The Game’s got
Missin’ (like I know I’m gonna)
Give it some nutrition
It’s the newest new addition
I’m the fewest out on mission
Just the coolest with division
Of the dope shit omlet
In the net, from this
Hear their microphones and they think they in it
(But I know I’m gonna)
Put ‘em in their place
That’s my foot up in their face
Cuz I’m chillin’ a computer
Blood is spillin’, now you’re wasted

Pick up the letter, I consider
Am I better?
Know I’m better, I’m a winner
We invented hell a spitters
I admit it, all their gimmick
Imma kill it till it’s finished
Till it’s over, remember slight
Spread across the kitchen
I ain’t bitchin’, I’m just preachin’ heat
Born up off the fiction seat
Diction make a missin’, it’s sufficient
It’s supposed to be efficient when you choke a beat
Worldwide or locally
Broke a million, climb and get that shine on
Y’all know it’s me
It’s Lucky

Hold the bass
Lick it, tell me how my cum taste
Think I’m getting’ off Young Shay
(And you know I’m flowin’)
Peekin’ on their dumb face
Sleeping giants come awake
With my co-conspirator
You fear it or you just wait
I’m a tough cake, cookie lookie
They mistake me for a rookie
Where they put me sub-rate
But you know I’m comin’ out
I’m comin’ out
I’m comin’ out

Bang bang


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