If your in Los Angeles you must check out this art show!

Amandalynn | Lady Mags
Opening reception: February 2, 2013 | 8 – 11pm
Show runs: February 2 – February 16, 2013

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

{Amandalynn is a long time San Francisco based Muralist, Fine Artist, Conservator, and Designer. Within her fine art, Amandalynn is recognized for her sensual portraits of seductive yet secretive women. Her street art murals reflect similar imagery, which she began painting in 2001 with the Seventh Letter crew.

Lady Mags has been a graffiti writer since 2006, when she started painting tracksides in Chicago. She has travelled extensively, painting graffiti wherever she goes. Recently, Lady Mags has begun showing fine art in galleries across the United States.

Together, Amanda Lynn and Lady Mags are Alynn-Mags productions: a street mural and fine art team. Both artists are San Francisco Bay Area residents, and together they have over two decades of painting experience. Alynn-Mags has been immediately recognized for their large scale spray paint and acrylic brush paint mural combinations found across the country. In their fine art collaborations, the duo also merges different mediums and techniques to create their pieces. Lady Mags often works with abstract watercolor imagery, which Amandalynn incorporates into her detailed illustrations.

This will be the first time the team has exhibited their combined work within a gallery setting, and are honored to have their fine art debut held at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles.}


{Coming from a traditional fine art background, Amandalynn takes her expertise in art and painting into an array of applications. She studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and received a Bachelor’s of Fine Art with an Illustration major. After school, she worked independently and freelance on many mural productions and theater set painting.

Amandalynn then reached further into the study and application of paint through the automotive industry, where she painted, repaired, customized and restored motorcycles, cars, trucks, helmets, bicycles and much more. Her work in this industry taught her the necessary skills to successfully and properly restore and create sculptures for many Universities, Museums, Art Centers and private collectors.

She recently has begun further expanding her skills into the fashion design industry and merchandising display. Amandalynn continues to push her own fine art career by hosting, curating and participating in gallery shows around the world.}

More of Amandalynn's work can be seen on her website


Zac Freeman uses junk to create amazing portraits, check it out.. and GO GREEN!

{My assemblage artworks have continued to encapsulate cultural change. For example, grey film canister tops used in my early junk portraits are very rare now as our society has moved to digital cameras. An iPhone used as shading on a cheek looks desired one year and archaic the next as society, technology, and consumables continue to change.}To find out more visit ARTISTADAY.COM

For more info check out


Photos by NICK STERN

Look familiar? Nick Stern a London-born photographer made a photo series re-enacting Banksy’s most iconic stencil works. I love them!

{Stern is a big fan of Banksy’s. “I particularly like the social comment in his work,” he communicated in an email. Still, “You are not Banksy” was never meant to be an actual photo project. He’d originally thought of it more as a creative exercise, a way to test some new photo strobe lights. The first image he photographed was the flower thrower, his favorite Banksy graffiti. “I got such a good response from people that I decided to expand the shoot,” he wrote.} For more info check out this ARTICLE.


{Minjae Lee (grenomj) is a self taught, fine artist. Although he uses mainly markers and pencils, he is experimenting with various mediums.

At 23 years old, Minjae Lee’s works have attained a great response with private collectors on all continents. Grenomj finds inspiration from people, emotions, nature. Just about anything can help influence his current mood, thus affecting his work.} ARTISTADAY.COM


HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup: Los Angeles, Feb. 16-17, 2013: HIGH TIMES Magazine

Saturday, February 16, 2013 at 12:00 PM - Sunday, February 17, 2013 at 9:00 PM (PST)
LA Center Studios: 1201 W 5th St, Los Angeles, CA: BUY TICKETS HERE


{French street artist JR visited Los Angeles and left some beautifully decorated buildings behind. Like this one on Beverly Blvd.

Plastic Jesus strikes again with a piece that surfaced on Melrose during the Holiday shopping season. It is appropriately entitled American Excess. (This is my favorite, so innovative.)

Often times, street art will play the role of jester in society, like this piece from street artist Bumboy WC, which utilizes imagery from the Kent State Riots to capture the mayhem surrounding the iPhone 5 being sold out.

It has been said that being a street artist is like a kid playing on the streets. This giant mural from Bumblebee captures the spirit of kids playing.

Chik-fil-a became a target for progressive activists this year after their so-called family values were revealed to be less about the family and more about supporting anti-gay causes. Subsequently, 2012 saw multiple pieces of street art aimed at the fast food giant for its perceived bigotry. One of the best pieces landed right here in West Hollywood, and the local Chik-fil-a got 'Gay Bombed' with a 3d rocket installation by the street artist Plastic Jesus.

Free Humanity paints a whole lotta love into this mural on Sunset entitled 'The Best Thing to Hold Onto in Life is Each Other.'

Beautiful angel with wings painted on a blood red wall in downtown Los Angeles by street artist Drew.

There was lot of political street art in 2012, like this piece based on the Presidential Election from Bumboy WC.}

All information obtained from this ARTICLE. Check it out to see more of the best eye candy in LA of 2012.


Below is a showcase of Wynwood's newest 2013 murals.

Cartoon violence, by Craola, Dabs, Myla, and Witness

Bruce Lee character, by Secret

Native lady with corn, by DJ Agana, AKA Vanessa Espinoza

Wireman, by Dal East

Losing Touch, by Danilo Gonzalez

Eye and fly, by Scott Debus

Celestine, by Rone

Too see more check out this ARTICLE.