{Douglas explains his work by saying, “My medium is charcoal/graphite on 300gsm Snowdon Cartridge, it’s a combination of drawing/painting/sculpture with a nod towards the discipline of ‘trompe l’oeil’. An ongoing tribute to the classical history of drawing. Being very much influenced in my early years by the vision, technical prowess and theatre conjured by select masters such as Caravaggio, Guthrie, Rembrandt and Velazquez, I now find myself pushing to hunt down and encapsulate the almost jolting theatre of ambiance evoked when viewing a classical masterpiece. The real purpose or vocation in this art, my art, is to try and unleash some of that haunting historical beauty. Excavate with a purpose so that it links to the very atmospheric of the vivid memories I have as a young boy viewing such works for the very first time. To manage the sublime emotion, press on and encourage the wizard of a fresh new dynamic. Take the classical drawing medium of charcoal on paper and push it to an absolute extreme.} ARTISTADAY.COM


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