{The Tranzbyte Corporation announced today that will begin distribution of its Automated Marijuana Vending Machine within qualifying states and locales beginning next quarter. The machine's technology will be integrated with embedded radio frequency technology (RFID) produced in association with Tranzbyte subsidiary, ProximaRF, who are spearheading efforts to make the machine function for legally qualified individuals only.}

{All interactions with "The Green Machine" are reported in real time to Altitude Organix central headquarters so that machines can be constantly monitored, refilled, or repaired when needed.  Since all machines are wired into the Altitude Organix Network, video and data can be transferred to and from each unit along with instant price adjustments in addition to other proprietary capabilities. According to Tranzbyte's president, David Gwyther , "It is important to keep many details of our machine under wraps until the company is further able to determine whether some of our machine's more creative innovations are protectable. Shareholders can expect more news on this subject in the months to come."} PRNNEWSWIRE.COM

To find out more information check out this ARTICLE.
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