I was recently in New York and visited the legendary 5 Pointz, I HAD TO! This spot is world renowned for Graffiti artists near and far. There have been stories about owner Jerry Wolkoff tearing down this landmark for years. However, tomorrow they will be having a Community Board Meeting regarding this issue. Show support for your culture, make a difference and show up to save this LANDMARK!

{Long Island City artists are demanding a local panel block a plan to tear down a world-renowned graffiti mecca to make way for a luxury housing project.

G & M Realty intends to demolish the internationally known 5Pointz and build two residential high-rises in Long Island City — but it needs a zoning change to do it.

“Anybody involved with 5Pointz feels it’s an asset to the arts community,” said Marie Flageul, a spokeswoman for the artist-run “aerosol art Center,” a former water meter factory that nourishes 1,000 artists per year.

“I hope New Yorkers wake up for once and take arms now instead of mourn later,” she said.}


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