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[Intro] First entry for Sickology 101, Dysfunctional [Tech N9ne] Yeah Don't you bring me nothing stupid If you don't want me to lose it Step back if you don't want me to attack I'm a beast, Better give me the deuces I have no tolerance for nonsense Get away from me Me don't wanna get dollars Don't wanna holler but you makin me I'm a little dysfunctional You're the problem, Please don't awakin me And I'm that way cause back in the day Most have forsaken me Lodi dodi, I'm at the party On a drunk night with a punk Might dude wanna pick a fight because he's sorry... That he aint Gotti, Like I be Cause he sloppy, Not me Costly rocks be spot free But he don't know I'm roguish Surrounded by my soldiers And they be locked and loaded When exploded, You can't hold us And we don't got no scruples We didn't come to fight and shoot you But you busters better be