I figured I would share some box knowledge once a week from now on. We'll start here.

Laconic TRC-931 2nd Gen
This is a second gen TRC-931. First gen has the VU meter on the right and the 3rd gen has rounded corners. The current Lasonic i931 that you see on every Disney show and lame commercial is a remake of the 3rd gen design, the wackest one in my opinion. This is the little brother to the TRC-975. This has Tape A as a car deck style and Tape B as a standard deck. Most common issue with these is the Function knob and missing buttons on the Tape B, mine is missing all of them:(. The Function knob breaks so people think the box is broken but probably stuck on Aux. You can pop them open and change the function(next to impossible to repair) and leave it on whatever you use (hopefully cassette;). Takes 10 D's. It's generally a must have for most collectors and is a decent mid size for larger boxes.  
Can't google this knowledge kids!!


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