{Predator 2 had a clever nod to the Alien-Predator franchise, before it was officially announced. The film features a scene in which Danny Glover's character finds the Predator's trophy room. Hanging on the wall amongst an assortment of exotic skulls is the cranium of a Xenomorph, from the Alien series. Although it is not a very secret easter egg, it's a clever way to associate the two.} SEE MORE HERE

Natalie Shau

{Natalie Shau is illustrator and photographer from Vilnius, Lithuania. Her digital masterpieces have graced the pages of the French Vogue Magazine during a Lydia Courteille jewellery campaign and her extensive client list of music labels includes Island Def Jam, Sony Music Entertainment (formerly “Sony BMG”) Century Media and Nuclear Blast. 

Gothic horror fiction, fairy tales and Russian classics (e.g. Dostoevsky and Gogol) are among the influences she lists for her surreal and strange creations. Shau uses a range of media, mixing photography, digital painting and 3D. The quality she seeks is “at once fragile and powerful”.} ARTISTADAY.COM


{C3P0 and R2D2 are portrayed in hieroglyphic form close to Harrison Ford in "Raider's of the Lost Ark." You can see them in the middle of the bar close to him.} SEE MORE HERE