The Long Beach Museum of Art presents:
Vitality & Verve: In The Third Dimension
Presented in collaboration with Thinkspace and POW! WOW! Long Beach

Murals and site-specific installations from:
Aaron De La Cruz
Aaron Li-Hill
Andrew Hem
Ariel DeAndrea
Brendan Monroe
Cinta Vidal
Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker
Ernest Zacharevic with Martha Cooper
Felipe Pantone
Glazed Paradise (Mark Jenkins & Sandra Fernandez)
Jaime Molina
Kiel Johnson
Mark Dean Veca
Rebekah Bogard
Sarah Joncas
Telmo Miel
Yoskay Yamamoto

Alongside works from:
Alex Yanes
Drew Leshko
Erika Sanada
Hilary White
Isaac Cordal
Jean Labourdette (aka Turf One)
Luke O’Sullivan
Patsy Cox
Sergio Garcia
Susan Beiner
Troy Lovegates (aka Other)

Photos by Mamastrosity


Tour Dates:

1.28- Chicago, IL –Boston Lounge

1.29- Detroit, MI- The Pike Room

1.31- Toronto, ON- Adelaide Hall

2.1- Montreal, QC- Theatre Fairmount

2.2- Boston, MA- The Sinclair

2.3- Philadelphia, PA- Underground Arts

2.6- Vienna, VA- Jammin’ Java

2.7-Brooklyn, NY- Rough Trade

2.8- New York, NY- Mercury Lounge

2.10- Asheville, NC- The Orange Peel

2.11- Atlanta, GA- Aisle 5

2.14- Houston, TX- The Studio at Warehouse Live

2.15- Austin, TX- Mohawk

2.16- Dallas, TX- Club Dada

2.17- Kansas City, MO, The Riot Room

2.18- Omaha, NE- The Waiting Room

3.1- Missoula, MT- Monk’s

3.2- Seattle, WA-The Crocodile

3.3- Vancouver, BC- Fortune Sound Club

3.4- Portland, OR- Wonder Ballroom

3.6- San Francisco, CA- Bottom of the Hill

3.7- Santa Cruz, CA- The Catalyst

3.9- Los Angeles, CA- The Roxy

3.10- San Diego, CA- The Casbah

3.11- Phoenix, AZ- Pub Rock

3.12- Albuquerque, NM-Launchpad

3.14- Durango, CO- Animas City Theatre

3.15 Denver, CO- Marquis Theatre

Raquel Rodrigo's Embroidered Street Art

{Cross-stitching is the oldest form of embroidery known that's found all over the globe, where many different coloured X-shaped stitches are used to create a visual representation of something. Rodrigo creates these works by using wire mesh and thick, coloured ropes, which she arranges in various patterns. She prepares the piece indoors ahead of time, and when it's completed, it's rolled up, transported and attached to the wall.}

{Thanks to her background in set design, Rodrigo also creates geometric, meshed frames that are also embroidered with this cross-stitch technique, which can be used for "guerrilla marketing" initiatives, like this one for her own company, Arquicostura. Her aim is to combine these traditional techniques with a street art presence to maximize the impact of these works, whatever their message.}



{Lushlife has been a mainstay of Philadelphia’s underground Hip Hop scene since 2005. His music, a mix of Golden Age lyricism and the type of electronica-infused beats that dominated the subgenre in the early aughts, attracted the attention of artists like Camp Lo, Elzhi, Killer Mike and Freeway, his critical acclaim seemingly peaking with 2012’s Plateau Vision.

Since then, the dual MC/producer talent has largely laid low, only to awake from his full-length hibernation in February to release Ritualize, a project co-produced by fellow Philly artist CSLSX. Returning to the scene once again in 2016, Lushlife’s latest project No Dead Languages places the focus solely on the instrumentals, resulting in Lushlife’s strongest work in years.}


{Oakland-based hip hop artist Zion I, also known as Baba Zumbi, has finally emerged from the studio ready to release his new solo album, The Labyrinth, after parting ways with AmpLive. Dropping on October 21st, 2016 with Mind Over Matter Records, the project was produced by Ariano, Mikos the Gawd, Teeko, and Decap with featured guests Deuce Eclipse and Codnay Holiday.} READ MORE HERE

McDonald's goes "EXTREME"...

{When McDonald’s Corp. recently introduced a grungy, graffiti-themed décor to restaurants across its European market, the company hailed the new design as “exciting and fresh.

The design scheme, officially titled “Extreme” in McDonald’s brochures, is meant to target youthful consumers by using “graffiti-like visual language on the walls to remind people that McDonald’s is a brand of the streets,” as the company’s former chief brand strategist for Europe explained.

What McDonald’s may not have anticipated is that the street is undergoing its own branding revolution. Artists who view the urban landscape as a giant canvas are no longer outlaws in the dusk, but are increasingly showcased in museums and galleries and pursued by deep-pocketed art buyers. The embrace of graffiti has made artists more possessive of their designs, more sensitive to their reputation and, along with the higher stakes, more inclined to sue.

McDonald’s is the defendant in the latest of a growing handful of graffiti copyright clashes. In one recent case, the plaintiff is the former girlfriend of the late rebel artist Dash Snow. The suit accuses McDonald’s of painting him as a corporate sellout and putting his legacy at risk.

Jade Berreau, the administrator of his estate and mother of his only child, alleges that hundreds of McDonald’s restaurants across the globe are adorned with replica images of “SACE”—the tag, or signature, used by Mr. Snow. He died in 2009 at the age of 27.} READ MORE HERE

AIR BNB: Win A Night At Dracula's Castle in Transylvania

Thanks to AIR BNB, 2 people will be able to sleep in Dracula's Castle on Halloween night. Otherwise known as, Bran Castle, the guests will be wined & dined, then they will lie to rest in red velvet lined coffins! Find out how to enter below!

{The Entry 
Your dark imagination and deep knowledge of vampires will prepare you well to answer this simple question: What would you say to the Count if you were to come face-to-fang with him in his own castle? Show us your vampiric wit by 11:59 p.m. CET on 26th October 2016 and you could be sleeping in his crypt as the witching hour approaches.

Not a local in Transylvania? No worries. Winners will be flown in from anywhere in the world.}


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{Pearl Jam, Tupac Shakur, Depeche Mode, Electric Light Orchestra, Jane's Addiction, Janet Jackson, Journey, the Cars, the Zombies and Yes. The rest of this year's hopefuls are Bad Brains, Chaka Khan, Chic, J. Geils Band, Joan Baez, Joe Tex, Kraftwerk, MC5 and Steppenwolf. The top vote-getters will be announced in December and inducted next April at a ceremony at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. HBO will broadcast the ceremony later in the year.} ROLLING STONE


{The Miami Marine Stadium is a landmark on the Biscayne Bay in Southern Florida. During its heyday, it played host to powerboat races, concerts, and various events for over 30 years until Hurricane Andrew damaged it in 1992. It has since been abandoned, with graffiti artists flocking to the stadium to cover its concrete surface with colorful murals and artwork.

After over 20 years, efforts are now being made to restore the stadium. Tomás Regalado, the mayor of Miami, has promised to put as much as $4 million towards the project, while an Indiegogo organized by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, along with Heineken, has already raised over $100,000.} READ MORE HERE


{CALGARY — On October 16th, 2010, the underground hip-hop community was shaken to its core when Michael (Mikey) Larsen, better known by his stage names Eyedea (of Eyedea and Abilities), and Oliver Heart, died unexpectedly. Eyedea was an enigma of the hip-hop world. He was more than just a rapper. He was a poet, b-boy, and a master of spontaneity. Eyedea won three different freestyle battle competitions, including 1999 Scribble Jam and the 2000 HBO Blaze Battle where he was offered a contract by Sean (Puffy) Combs. Mikey would turn down the offer and later mocked it on record. This was Mikey Larsen: never afraid to show his true colours at a moment’s notice and never shying away from being true to himself.

After his victories in the battle rap scene he went back to writing and formed a duo with longtime friend DJ Abilities. The duo released their first of three albums, First Born, under the Rhymesayers label, owned by fellow Minnesota native, and friend Slug of the long-standing hip-hop group Atmosphere. From there, he took to a solo project, The Many Faces of Oliver Heart, under the alias Oliver Heart. He was constantly creating and developing his style through multiple collaborations and releases.

To commemorate the life of such a diverse and talented artist, the documentary The World Has No Eyedea came to life. Larsen’s best friend and mother, Kathy Averill, will be hosting the two Alberta screenings of the documentary as a part of a memorial tribute tour. The idea to have a memorial show in Alberta was cultivated by Edmonton-based M.C. and promoter for The Forge, Justin Jreds Sturek, who has built a friendship with Averill since Larsen’s passing, based on the impact the music has had on him over the years. “Justin and I had been talking about the memorial show for a long time,” Averill recalls.} READ MORE HERE


The world’s best cities for street art....

Find out about the world's best cities for street art HERE!


{HUE Mural Festival’s mission is to curate an organic Houston Urban Experience featuring murals and cultural collaborations to engage with tourists and locals while adding to Houston’s mural art landscape and promoting year-round tourism. The festival strives to make Houston an international destination for artists and art lovers alike.}

Open to the Public! 

ICY & SOT, ANA MARIETTA, CRISP, OCOTE, Hilton Alves, Aro, MAN ONE, nEcKo, Aquarella, Cp1, Luis Valle, Gabriel Prusmack, REAL Tres, FLOP, Gage Kelsey, J MUZACZ, Gracmor, LATA 65, Sophia Viviana, METZICAN, GONZO247, Dan Black, DEATHHEAD, Kelyne Reis, Super Flake, John Whaley, Sayra Vallejo, BOSS, Jessica Rice, Donkeeboy, DEKS, Dandee Warhol, DECK WGF, Nicky Davis, Anat Ronen, Leche, Scott Tarboxx, SKEEZ181, ROYAL, KATSOLA, Bryan Cope, Black Cassidy, Zenfull, Rob DiTeodoro, Lee Carrier, Alex Arzu, Alex Ramos, Sylvia Blanco, GICOVA, Shreddi, Doll Partzz Asylum, Ashley P, Larissa Stephens, Verny, Xuan-nhan, Valdamir Alexander, MEENR, MAGIK, Bao Pham, BESOMEONE, Chef Ryan Savoie, RAT, JESTER, CUTTHROAT, CAPS, SIEGO, COLER, ChristianAZUL, ARTKUNGFU, Nate Nash, HOSTAL, Alejandra Guerrero, Moes, Tyler Kay, Hannah Bull,

​Performing Artists

Outspoken Bean, Havikoro, DJ CAPS and more to be announced!


{BRUZ, a Rego Park, Queens native, was well known within the graffiti community and a mainstay on the walls of the streets and even the subway tunnels of NYC. As a member of several world renowned graff crews including XTC, RIS, CIA, AOW and many others, Girolamo was best known for his illegal art on and along the rooftops of the infamous 7 Line that runs through his home borough.} THE SOURCE


{West Coast rap veteran Murs began his heroic crusade to do the unthinkable on Wednesday (Oct. 12): break the Guinness World Record for the longest rap marathon by rapping for over 24 hours straight, promoting Boost Mobile’s Unlimited Music Streaming, featuring Slacker Radio. At 9 a.m. PST on Wednesday, Boost Mobile’s Where You At LA? host embarked upon his quest, which included a rap karaoke tour de force the likes of which we’ve literally never seen before.

It’s fitting that Murs would try to make rap history by functioning as a living, breathing museum for hip-hop. Over the course of a little more than 24 hours, Murs raps his way through just about every mid-1980s and 1990s rap classic in the book, showcasing an impressive mix of endurance and stylistic malleability in the process.

Throughout the marathon, the seemingly inexhaustible Murs effortlessly mimicked legendary rappers as he performed their timeless songs without missing a beat. When the laid-back instrumental for A Tribe Called Quest’s “Bonita Applebum” begins, he takes on the nasally rasp of the group’s front man Q-Tip. When the beat for Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” kicks off, he assumes Chuck D’s husky, authoritative thump of a voice.

Of course, fans will also recognize the songs Murs performs from his own catalog as tracks like “L.A.” and “God’s Work” boom at different points during the marathon. Murs was as impressive as he was probably exhausted, but the Cali stalwart pressed on as he rapped his way into hip-hop immortality.}




{In the 1990s, a wave of elaborate public street art—an extension of graffiti that’s often more figurative than (and sometimes in tension with) its progenitor—spread throughout Athens. Today, with much of its surfaces coated in images that often comment on the country’s economic crisis, Athens has been hailed as a “mecca” for street art in Europe.

With such a long and storied history, it’s perhaps no surprise that a group has taken it upon itself to preserve the city’s street art. Four years ago, art and conservation students at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens founded—short for Street Art Conservators—to maintain some of their city’s works of public art. The students had been documenting street art for a class, and were so taken with some of the examples that they decided to help protect them from the elements (and other graffiti artists).

The team consists of 17 people, most of whom now have day jobs but still donate hours or even days to the cause. members Calliope Oreianou and Eleftheria Mavromati note that the group usually works in central Athens. With the space filled with ancient sites and structures, the group stressed toVice’s Creators Project that they “do not encourage and do not curate illegal street art”—that is, any work found on archaeological or otherwise culturally important surfaces.}