{HUE Mural Festival’s mission is to curate an organic Houston Urban Experience featuring murals and cultural collaborations to engage with tourists and locals while adding to Houston’s mural art landscape and promoting year-round tourism. The festival strives to make Houston an international destination for artists and art lovers alike.}

Open to the Public! 

ICY & SOT, ANA MARIETTA, CRISP, OCOTE, Hilton Alves, Aro, MAN ONE, nEcKo, Aquarella, Cp1, Luis Valle, Gabriel Prusmack, REAL Tres, FLOP, Gage Kelsey, J MUZACZ, Gracmor, LATA 65, Sophia Viviana, METZICAN, GONZO247, Dan Black, DEATHHEAD, Kelyne Reis, Super Flake, John Whaley, Sayra Vallejo, BOSS, Jessica Rice, Donkeeboy, DEKS, Dandee Warhol, DECK WGF, Nicky Davis, Anat Ronen, Leche, Scott Tarboxx, SKEEZ181, ROYAL, KATSOLA, Bryan Cope, Black Cassidy, Zenfull, Rob DiTeodoro, Lee Carrier, Alex Arzu, Alex Ramos, Sylvia Blanco, GICOVA, Shreddi, Doll Partzz Asylum, Ashley P, Larissa Stephens, Verny, Xuan-nhan, Valdamir Alexander, MEENR, MAGIK, Bao Pham, BESOMEONE, Chef Ryan Savoie, RAT, JESTER, CUTTHROAT, CAPS, SIEGO, COLER, ChristianAZUL, ARTKUNGFU, Nate Nash, HOSTAL, Alejandra Guerrero, Moes, Tyler Kay, Hannah Bull,

​Performing Artists

Outspoken Bean, Havikoro, DJ CAPS and more to be announced!


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