NeSpoon: Laced Up

{Warsaw, Poland based street artist NeSpoon is doing with her lace-themed, larger-than-life urban artworks, and since coming onto our radar some years ago, her oeuvre has grown considerably.

Working in this incarnation as a street artist since 2009, NeSpoon either uses actual lace from traditional patterns, and either hand-paints the patterns on the wall or enlarges them into stencils that can then used for applying paint.

She has also made string art with these lace patterns, creating webs in nature, on the street or in abandoned buildings, that connect invisible elements together. In addition, she also makes ceramic plaques of lace, which she adheres to buildings, or nestles inside the hollows of trees.

In a society where everything is increasingly mechanized, digitized and pivoting around instant gratification, lace-making seems like an anachronism. But going slow may be the antidote to this frenzy of speed and automation, and what's old does become new again, as we've seen with the upcycling movement, or dumb phones making a comeback. The satisfaction of making something with your own hands will never go out of style, and beautifying our cities with these amazing patterns, preserving that richness of cultural meaning and the dignity of handicraft, is a great thing. More over on NeSpoon's Behance


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