Raquel Rodrigo's Embroidered Street Art

{Cross-stitching is the oldest form of embroidery known that's found all over the globe, where many different coloured X-shaped stitches are used to create a visual representation of something. Rodrigo creates these works by using wire mesh and thick, coloured ropes, which she arranges in various patterns. She prepares the piece indoors ahead of time, and when it's completed, it's rolled up, transported and attached to the wall.}

{Thanks to her background in set design, Rodrigo also creates geometric, meshed frames that are also embroidered with this cross-stitch technique, which can be used for "guerrilla marketing" initiatives, like this one for her own company, Arquicostura. Her aim is to combine these traditional techniques with a street art presence to maximize the impact of these works, whatever their message.} http://www.treehugger.com/culture/cross-stitch-street-art-raquel-rodrigo.html


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