{1. Michael DeanHis work, United Kingdom poverty line for two adults and two children: twenty thousand four hundred and thirty six pounds sterling as published on 1st September 2016, consists of £20,436 in pennies. This is the amount of money the government states is the minimum that two adults and two children need to survive for a year in the UK. When installing the work, Dean removed one coin, meaning that now the money you see before you is one penny less than the poverty line.

2. Anthea HamiltonWhile rooted in the history of sculpture, her work engages in the viewer by her humour and unexpected combinations of images, materials and words, as well as dramatic shifts in scale.

A central feature is her larger than life sculpture of a backside. 'Project for a Door' is part of a series of physical realisations of images taken from her archive.} READ MORE HERE


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