Armageddon started; I guess it wasn't that hard to missIt didn't trip the alarm on ya hybrid carbon footprint
The darts are rigged and i'm a big fan of carbs and the artist Prince
Theres a marginal risk that ya cards won't hit
It's like tryna borrow a barbecue rib from a starving kid
Be thankful if ya stars are lit
Or ya might get caught between the Charmin and shit
The armor fits to stay outta harms grip
But karmas a bitch so when your heartbeat quits
Consider all the death you've invested with
The shoes, the booze, the phone; that you textin' with
Disrespecting gets second amendmented
But the species still seem to be trendin'
From the friend zone all the way to the kremlin
The devil give a fuck about a flag; or an emblem
Ain't got the privileged to exhibit the patience
Gone next week so tonight we lie
With no lives to save
Seismic waves

[Verse 2]
But I've been workin on learning to resist myself
I used to think criticism was the definition
Fish swimmin' up a river full of pessimism
I wanna catch one; bare handed
Clean it; cook it, and feed it to Lazarus
Everybody lookin' for a little love, and happiness
Turn up the temperature
High as a plane with non-sequiturs
The tired be trained
And you keep Christoper Walken
With the shit that you're talkin'
You can't take it with if it don't fit in your coffin
As a kid, i didn't give it much thought then
Just wanted a mouth full of nipple
And a zippo; in my zipper pocket
I remember when the whole world stank like an ashtray; yeah
The good ol' days
I wanna laugh when somebody say 'The Good Ol' Days'
But they was good Cause we did learn to look both ways
Across a road way
Like everything'll be okay
Before we go the fuck away like a snowflake
Gone next week but tonight
I'm tryna reach those seismic
Climb those Seismic Waves

I don't need another reason
Cause i'm leavin with you (with you)
I don't need another reason;
Cause I'm sleepin' with you (with you)
I don't need another reason
Cause I'm leaving with you (with you)
I don't need another reason;
Cause I'm sleepin' with you (with you)
I don't need another reason
Cause I'm leaving with you (with you)
I don't need another reason



{he decorated the delicate parts of a stainless steel tourbillon for the Swiss watch brand Richard Mille; the watch, which became available in June, retails for $800,000.

“It was a fantastic technical challenge, because we sometimes work with elements that are a tenth or a hundredth of a millimeter,” said Mr. Mille, the watch brand’s founder. “Our objective was to produce the precision of painting in a very, very small scale.” To create the timepieces, the company first spent six months creating a special airbrush that would control the distribution of minute amounts of brightly hued paint.}


{the recent Go Paint Day at The Fabrication Yard was a welcome relief for graffiti artists eager to show Dallas: We aren't who you think we are.

The Dallas Morning News ( ) reports the West Dallas property's old metal buildings, tight alleyways and giant brick "free wall" provide a place where taggers have free rein to express themselves.

"We need more places like this," said Melissa Gannaway, a frequent visitor to The Fabrication Yard in Trinity Groves.

Another artist at the event, who would only provide his tagger name, "Lefts," said street art is his form of worship and the best outlet he knows to relieve stress.

"This is church for me," he said. "This is my way of getting all my emotions inside and putting them out."

Kirk Garnett, one of Go Paint Day's organizers, said he's seen the art form mature since he grew up creating graffiti-style art in Chicago.

"The culture of graffiti is evolving and ever-changing," Garnett said. "Graffiti is something that has been around since the beginning of human communication."

The artists, themselves, have changed, too. Whereas they once belonged to gangs and used tags to stake claims to turf, now taggers join crews.

And while gangs seek to gain territory and eliminate rivals, groups like Garnett's Bronx Boys Rocking Crew just want to gain notoriety by creating a head-turning mural.

"This culture means a lot to me," he said. "We need spaces where people can see this art."

Even if some crews do still tag illegally, Garnett said, most do not, and they're far from a gang.

But don't take a tagger's word for it: Police and a study by researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas agree gangs and graffiti don't mix like they once did.

"Gang culture has really evolved," Dallas police Lt. Eric Roman said. "You have many street taggers that aren't gang members."

Gangs in the 1990s used tagging to call out rivals, Roman said, but that forum has moved online to social media, ultimately making the department's job easier.}


{twice a week becomes Art 42, France’s first museum devoted to street art, featuring 150 works from 50 artists, including Banksy, Shephard Fairey and JR.

Nicolas Laugero-Lasserre, 41, a longtime street art collector and the head of ICART, an art management school in Paris, reached out to the academy’s founders soon after it opened and offered his collection to be displayed (for free) throughout the school’s three floors. He estimates the art to be worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

The collection had already been the subject of some 40 public exhibitions in small to medium cultural institutions, galleries and fairs across the country before it took up residence in Ecole 42.}