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MURALS BY TOO FLY {A neighborhood in Queens is becoming a canvas for street artists. The colorful result is drawing people from across the city and even the world. Queens reporter Ruschell Boone filed the folliwng report: With colorful compositions on walls, buildings, fences and storefronts, a quiet section of Astoria has become a Mecca for street art. The center of this community art scene is Welling Court, but it has spread to surrounding blocks. The artists paint with the approval of the property owners. "To see this going on in the neighborhhod is incredible," said one person in the community. "It's so intense. It's so vibrant." Some of the works are by street artists whose paintings are in high demand. One mural is a collaboration by Crash and Daze, who first made their mark tagging subway trains in the 1970s.  And an artist known as Too Fly, who tagged buildings as a kid in the '90s, painted a mural on Saturday. 

Catacombs of Paris

Catacombs have been fascinating to me since the first time I laid eyes on them. One of the gorgeous dolls I follow on Instagram posted a pic of herself in these crazy tunnels in Paris lined with bones. That's when I decided I must visit this place once in my life. By the 17th century Paris cemeteries were overflowed with the dead. The first solution was to store the remains in the walls of the churches. This did not last long, there were just too many bones. The 2nd solution was to place them in the centuries old tunnels under the city. It took over 12 years to relocate the remains completely, and there were a total of over 6 to 7 million Parisians laid to rest beneath the city. In 1860 Paris stopped placing the remains in the ossuaries in 1860. Photos by Mamastrosity


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