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Black Lives Matter: Killer Mike: Plot Plan Startegize Organize And Mobilize

Join a grassroots organization wherever you are so that nationally we can progress together. I chopped up the wise words of Killer Mike to make this PSA announcement. It's not over. VOTE. "Now is the time plot plan, strategize, organized and mobile. I am a mobilizer. I will try my best to mobilize people to get into action. The organizers are on the ground we need boots the ground. So it is nothing wrong with having the anger and emotion, passion over spill that we saw. Because that needs to happen to ignite. But now that you ignited. I need you on a weekly and daily basis to join a grassroots organization where ever you are. Join something so we can be allied and progress together. There are people doing the work that we want it done and let's join those organizations and help them. Join something so that it doesn't feel so lonely. Hope exists here."